SoftForum marks a milestone in global security by leading the quantum-resistant cryptographic technology.

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2023

Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company

Cybersecurity gold winner

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Security Solutions

We want to create a new and secure world with Zero-Trust-based user security technology and data-driven Crypto-Agility technology.

Quantum Solution

Our team is endeavoring to develop quantum-resistant encryption technology which ensures secure computing in the era of quantum computers.

Security cloud

We propose safe management practices in the era of cloud computing.

Data Security

Provides postquantum data security technology for secure storage, distribution, and utilization of critical data.

Approaching security threat in the quantum era,
how well prepared are you?

If we stay in the security of the past and do not prepare for the security of the future, many information and technologies that have given value will face unaffordable threats when the era of quantum computer commercialization begins.

From the moment the quantum computers to be of practical use, regrettably, public key cryptosystem (RSA), which is being used widely at present, will face more sophisticated and greater risks. Moreover, the traditional encryption systems are unable to respond to growing threats.

NIST is committed to transition to mandatory pre-quantum security (PQC) with claimed quantum resistance starting from 2025 and complete the application of quantum-resistant cryptography to all systems by 2035.
Softforum is devoted to respond and guard against the continuously advancing external threats.


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